Secure and Long Term Storage Facility

Secure Storage

Singapore is an ideal long-term storage place for your baby's cord blood unit because of its natural disaster-free location, political and socio-economic stability.

Our facility at A'Posh Bizhub passed stringent audit conducted by Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore as well as by AABB - so you can be assured of our strict adherence to national and international standards.


Your baby's cord blood will be stored in vacuum insulated cryogenic storage tanks housed inside fire retardant laboratory walls and are designed to remain at optimal temperature for cell storage over long periods. The tanks are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and our laboratory is also equipped with multiple backup systems to ensure continuous operation (undisrupted processing).

It is Cordlife's lifelong commitment to safeguard your baby's cord blood unit under the best storage conditions in the most secure and safest place. With your one chance, make that one right choice with Cordlife.


Here at Cordlife, we understand the concerns of you as a parent and the assurance of continued storage of your baby's cord blood.

In the very remote event that Cordlife Group Limited cease operations, Cordlife will assign your baby's cord blood to another provider of cord blood banking storage facilities that meets the necessary standards at the relevant time for licensing with the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore or of a comparable standard outside of Singapore.

This is our assurance to you for the long term storage of your baby's cord blood.